Second Gen Selfie Drone, The New Generation

Second Gen Selfie Drone. It has been sometime since we started to see selfie drones take over from selfie sticks. In the time they have been on the market technology have advanced very quickly.

Manufacturers have addressed the problems users experience with the early model Selfie Drones.

Some of these are:

  • vibration, causing poor quality pictures. Manufacturers have added gimbals, a multi axis stabilizers to reduce vibration.
  • flying time, This is a more expensive issue to address but manufactures have improved their offering. Lower priced models offer as little as 5 minutes flying time and high end up to around 30 minutes
  • Flight Stability Early drones were difficult to fly, especially for beginners. These day a complete novice can pick up a drone and fly like a pro with very little practice.

Read the article below about the AirSelfie Second Gen Selfie Drone

AirSelfie second-gen selfie drone with better flight time is nowCourtesy of WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

AirSelfie debuted its original drone of the same name more than a year ago, and now the company is back with a follow-up. The AirSelfie 2 was first shown off at CES 2018 in Las Vegas earlier this year, but now the improved device is finally available for purchase.The new drone builds upon the original design, upgrades the camera from five to 12 megapixels, increases the camera’s field of view to 85 degrees, and improves battery life by 50 percent.


At the high end of the market for Second Gen Selfie Drone is the hover Camera Passport Drone. As you will read in the article from Jeff Parsons from the Mirror Online this drone is made from carbon fibre.

Jeff Parsons review this drone in the article below. Click the link to read more.


Hover Camera Passport drone review: a flying selfie stick made out of carbon fibre – Jeff Parsons – Mirror OnlineSecond Gen Selfie Drone

The carbon fibre foldable drone is great for selfies – but it lacks the range to compete with DJI and Parrot

Drones are becoming a (relatively) more affordable way to add extra depth to your home videos by sending cameras up into the sky.

And while the likes of DJI and Parrot are crafting more portable drones with better stabilisation, the Hover Camera Passport offers something slightly different.

For starters, the rotors are encased in a carbon fibre frame that makes it much safer around people. It also folds in half to create a really portable package.


Second Gen Selfie Drone – Summary


These are just two of a huge range of selfie drones on the market today. If you are in the market for a new drone it is worth doing your research.

Prices for high quality, feature packed drones in the selfie market are coming down. Features allowing beginners to easily fly with almost no training.  Shoot crystal clear videos and take dronies with as little as a tap on their smartphone.

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