Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stick

Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stick. Since the release of the smartphone and upgrade of the smartphone camera, selfies are everywhere. Then we saw the introduction Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stickof  the selfie stick and group selfies. Combined with social media, selfies are generating viral post one after the other.

Now we face the next step in this evolution, where the Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stick. It is still early times in this market but manufacturers have picked up the  trend and are starting to get on board.

Users in the selfie niche are starting to realize the advantages of using a pocket drone rather than the selfie stick or just the smartphone camera.

It is very clear you can get a better perspective on yourself or your friends from the air. You also eliminate the problem of crowds interfering with your snaps.

And with the advancing technology in both mini drones and cameras you are able to take better photos and videos in all kinds on conditions. It is even possible to have your drone follow you and shoot videos as enjoy your time with your friends.

Mini drones are also becoming easier to fly. WIth technology such as one touch return, one touch take off, hover mode, setting flight paths etc it is so simple. Even a complete novice can fly these Portable drones in almost any conditions.

What to Look For When You Replace Your Selfie Stick WIth a Pocket Drone

As we mentioned earlier, technologies have been introduced to make it easier to fly your pocket drone. Not only does this make flying easier it also enhances the quality of your videos and photos.

So let’s look at the technologies

Technologies to Improve Your Flying Experience

Smartphone Control.

Most quality mini drone have a smartphone app compatible with both Android and IOS which make flying with just a tap possible. Other features include steering your mini drone by tilting your phone left or right. Drawing a flight path on the map on your phone and have your drone follow it.

Some manufacturers supply VR goggles

so you can view the world as you selfie drone camera does. While this does not technically help you take a selfie (of yourself), it does allow you to catch the perfect shots of your surroundings or your friends.

Return to the starting point or RTH.

This feature allows you to fly without worrying about your drone battery going flat and landing in an inconvenient location. When your drone recognizes the battery level is low it will automatically return your drone to land at the starting point.

There is also a one tough feature allowing you to return your drone to the starting point with a simple tap on your phone.

Obstacle Detection

Using Ultrasound, infrared and optical technology selfie drones are able to detect and avoid obstacles. The better quality quadcopters can do this at high speed although this is not a feature you would necessarily need to take selfies.

Stabilisation Systems or Gimbal

This feature is not purely for flying experience. It is vital for capturing quality video and photos as it removes any vibration or excess movement cause by weather conditions and the drone operation.

Long Range Control

The average distance for control of your quadcopter in around 300 to 600 meters with the high end products reaching and incredible 7 kilometers. For you personal selfie drone distances like 7 kilometers are not necessary but you do not want to be restricted you just 10 or 15 meters.


Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stick – Flying Time

One of the biggest issues with mini drones is the restricted flying time. WIth the low end drones limited to around 8 to 10 minutes it allow very little time to capture your video and shots. Mid to high range range drones will increase this time to 15 to 20 mins flying time.

These times are under test conditions which are ideal. It is more than likely you will be flying in less than perfect conditions so you will not experience the times the manufactures quote.

One way to overcome this is by having move than one battery. This gives you more flying time but with the inconvenience of having to land and change your battery’

What are The best Pocket Drones to Replace The Selfie Stick

DJI Mavic ProTop of the list here is the DJI Mavic Pro It has an impressive list of features but also has the price tag to go with it, at a bit over $1500AUD. If you can afford the price then it is well worth spending the money. With all the stability features it is suitable for beginners and the quality camera will satisfy the seasoned photographer. You can view is on our store by clicking DJI Mavic Pro






If you budget doesn’t stretch that far then we have lower prices selfie drones. While these represent value for money don’t expect the features listed with the DJI Mavic.

They average around the $100AUD mark and vary with the features they offer. Some offer stabilization systems, higher end cameras and will deliver surprisingly good results. Especially if you are just taking video and selfie shots to share with your friends on social media

The one on the right is  priced at $100.94AUD and offer a decent range of features such as

  • Altitude Hold,
  • Headless Mode,
  • 3D Flip and Rolls,
  • Speed Control

But it only has a flying time of 7 mins although your can buy it with 5 batteries for $118.63AUD, giving you over 30 mins flying time. This is a massive saving on the $1500AUD for the Mavic Pro. You can view it and see the list of features by clicking Foldable Real Time Quadcopter with WIFI Camera


Pocket Drones Replace The Selfie Stick – Conclusion

Is the selfie stick becoming redundant? No I don’t think the Pocket drone will completely replace the Selfie stick but you will find more and more selfie drones being used.

And with technology advancing so quickly we can expect mid price range portable drones to have more of the top end features. Selfie drones are likely to become the norm, we will see them everywhere.

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