Pixel Smartwatch Wish List

Pixel Smartwatch Wish List

Smartwatches are common now with Apple and Android the main players. But even though Android is there Google is yet to enter the market with their own pixel smartwatch.

Below we have an article from Business Insider on the main options available to Android users. ALthough Apple has a larger part of the market you find far more option in the Android market. This is because there are plenty of manufacturers in the Android market. Not only for the hardware but also apps to run on your Android wearables.

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The best smartwatch for Android users – Business Insider 

Although the Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch by far, Android users still have a number of good smartwatches to choose from. Google’s Wear OS software puts access to your favorite apps and info right on your wrist. Since it was introduced in 2014 as Android Wear, the wearable software has undergone a number of minor revisions and a big name change from Android Wear to Wear OS.

Now we have rumours Google are planning to produce a Pixel Smartwatch to release alongside the Pixel 3 phone. Android fans are eagerly waiting for Google’s new edition to the smartwatch market.

As you can imagine there are prediction of the features Google has in store for us but no-one knows for sure what we will see. Android Central have written this article outlining the features user would like to see in the new offering in Google Pixel range.

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Pixel Watch wish list: What we want to see from Google’s first smartwatch Watch wish list: What we want to see from Google’s first smartwatch

There are rumors that 2018 will be the year Google finally slaps its Pixel brand on a Wear OS smartwatch. If that’s true, these are the features I want to see.



Pixel Smartwatch Wish List – Summary

Google has given us the Pixel phone, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers and more. But we have not seen a smartphone in the Pixel range. With these rumors floating about we have fans eagerly waiting to see what they with the offer in terms of features.

No doubt it will be a keenly kept secret until close to launch time but as time approaches we are likely to see snippets of information to whet our appetite.

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