Kids will soon be Wearing Smartwatches?

Kids Will Soon be Wearing Smartwatches. This is what the chip make Qualcomm is predicting. For a longtime wearables upgrades have been neglected.

They have created the Snapdragon Wear 2500 Platform with the hope manufacturers will start producing new wearables for kids. They unveiled their new platform last Wednesday in Shanghai China.

Qualcomm Senior Vice President claims this will be a high growth area and see interest growing globally. Currently smartwatches for children have not been popular in the western world but, in China they are very strong. The world wide market is expected to grow after the launch on the new Qualcomm platform.

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Kids will soon be Wearing SmartwatchesQualcomm is betting more kids will soon be sporting smartwatches.

The San Diego chipmaker on Tuesday in Shanghai (Wednesday, China time) unveiled its new Snapdragon Wear 2500 Platform to help make watches geared toward kids. Yes, that’s right. Smartwatches for children.

Manufacturers have produced smartwatches for children for a long time concentrating on the security aspect. They do this using GPS to track the phone so parents can see where their kids are real time.

Manufacturers also add emergency call function and alerts kids can use in case of emergency. They also added features like cameras, fitness monitoring and accessing apps such as gaming.

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It will be interesting to see if more kids will soon be wearing smartwatches. If a company like Qualcomm is investing in  this market you can be sure they have done their research. With society the way it is now we have to constantly watch our children to keep them safe. The Kid’s tracker will make a parent’s job a lot easier so it is well worth investing it the technology.

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Author: Kevin Pola

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