Helpful Guide to Buy a Camera Drone

Helpful Guide to Buy a Camera Drone

The drones with integrated camera make it possible to film and to realize aerial shots. Some drones are also able to send a live video stream towards a receiver (smartphone, tablet or First-Person View on a dedicated remote control for this purpose).

The drones with camera are larger and heavier than the mini drones because the weight of the camera and the location necessary for the camera are more important.

There are several types of drone, those who embed a camera directly integrated in the chassis and those who have support to install a portable camera like a Go-Pro for example.
These are generally more powerful and have greater lift to be able to lift several types of portable cameras.

There are also drones with videos that can connect the stream directly to virtual reality glasses! With the glasses, the immersion is total and allows an excellent control of the aircraft, this is more and more used in the drone races.

Here is the selection of some best drones with spy camera and hidden camera:

The Parrot Bebop 2 – Video Courtesy of Techcrunch

It’s the drone of the moment! It has one of the best cameras of the fish-eye type of 14 megapixels which allows shooting photos and video in full HD 1080p!

The image quality is simply amazing with the addition to the sensors of a real. It stabilizes on 3 axes which guarantee a quality of photo and video that cannot be found on other flying drones!

The video can be recorded and sent live on your smartphone and tablet with a range of 300 meters. This is thanks to a Wi-Fi network generated by the drone using the application Free flight 3.

There is also the possibility of connecting a Sky controller with joystick, joypad on which you plug into your tablet. This sky controller also greatly increases the range of control of your drone, up to 2 kilometers!

The sky controller also allows you to connect virtual reality glasses for maximum FPV (First Person View) immersion!

The DJI Mavic Pro: the portable 4k drone

Helpful Guide to Buy a Camera Drone

The novelty of the year 2017 is on the drone Mavic Pro DJI brand that is revolutionizing the world of drones!

Indeed, the special feature of the drone Mavic DJI Pro is to be foldable and therefore easily transportable without losing performance because it embeds a 4K camera capable of making videos of super high quality.

The disadvantage of most drones is still clutter because they are bulky and difficult to transport on the ground which is not the case of this small drone with great capabilities!

We have this Drone for sale in our shop, if you are interested you can view it at DJI Mavic Pro

The Parrot AR DRONE 2.0:

Helpful Guide to Buy a Camera Drone

The Parrot AR DRONE 2.0 is the worthy successor of the AR 1 that made the reputation of the company Parrot, this drone is equipped with a 720p quality video camera and live feedback on your smartphone.

This is undoubtedly the perfect drone to start in drone piloting because in addition to having all the basic features of high-end drones, it comes with a protective hull that protects the blades of the rotors and thus prevent that they do not break when encountering an obstacle.

The drone is extremely lightweight and handy, it also has interesting features like the “looping” that allows you to perform acrobatic tricks by pressing a simple button on your smartphone, guaranteed fun!

The drone generates its own wireless network up to 100 meters and is therefore controllable with a simple smartphone or tablet, the application is available for free on the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.
Parrot’s AR 2.0 drone is probably the best drone to start flying!

The Hubsan X4 H107C: A mini drone camera to start

The Hubsan X4 H107C is the successor of the H107, it is the same model unlike it has a 0.5-megapixel video camera capable of recording videos in AVI format of 720 X 420 pixels.

This is a mini-drone because it measures 8.4 x 8.4 cm, which makes it extremely maneuverable and able to achieve impressive figures in flight such as the 360-degree flip by pressing a single button!

Unlike other camera drones driven with smartphones or tablets, the Hubsan is supplied with a radio remote control dedicated to this purpose, which makes the piloting of this drone particularly pleasant thanks to these small joysticks!

This drone is a very good way to make good quality aerial photos and videos even if unfortunately it is not possible to see the live streaming video of the flight because the remote control does not have a video screen, but for this price we are still on a product of good quality!
It is equipped with LED which allows to fly also at night or in the dark.

We have this drone for sale in our store, Click Hubsan X4 Camera Drone to view it.

The Phantom 3, the high-end camera drone with Full HD video

The Phantom 3 drone is the Roll-Royce of drones with camera! This model is so popular that it has been declined in three different versions (Standard, Advanced and Professional):

This drone integrates a lot of functionality all more useful than the others:

  1. Automatic flight assistant
  2. GPS Tracking
  3. Automatic hovering
  4. Safe flight limit
  5. Direction indicator thanks to powerful LEDs on the branches connecting the blades to the drone
  6. 25 minutes of autonomy
  7. 720p HD video streaming on your smartphone and tablet
  8. The camera is extremely stable and records sharp videos
  9. The radio control can control the Phantom 3 up to a distance of 1 kilometer!

Note: also the presence of the automatic tracking function that allows the drone to follow the carrier of the tablet or radio without the latter is anything to do, which is probably a function that will be present default on all drones in the next few years. On this point the Phantom drone is a precursor!

The Phantom 4, the ultimate camera drone for 4k videos!

The Phantom 4 of the DJI brand is the ultimate drone of the moment! it is a high-end camera drone with exceptional capacity! It is without a doubt the most advanced drone of the year 2017 in the range of recreational civil drones.

This drone has a camera for shooting videos and shooting in 4K format, the rendering is perfect thanks to a large number of sensors to stabilize the camera in full flight, even when the Phantom 4 performs a peak speed of 70 km / h.

The Phantom 4 is equipped with a FOV camera with a 94 ° field of view to capture wide-angle images, you can easily set the type of quality you want in a wide range of formats from classic HD (1280 × 720 24) up to the UHD (4096 × 2160) which is the 4k format.

The DJI Phantom 4 is available in our store. Click this sentence to view.

The best drones with nacelle for external camera

There are purists of high quality videos, hardcore people from their favorite HD or 4K cameras such as GoPro, and fortunately the drone builders have also thought about these people who want to use a drone to make to steal their favorite portable camera!

NOTE: We have selected drones that have adapted pods or, if not, the possibility of attaching a basket on them to accommodate external 4K cameras.

It is important to know that if you want to connect your GoPro camera (or other) on your drone, it must be powerful enough to fly in good conditions and not to be overloaded with the camera. lift-off!

If the drone is not powerful enough, it happens that the drone is damaged by dropping on the ground, so we selected drones sufficiently powerful so that you can enjoy an external camera without any risk!

* The Zenmuse carrycot to install its GoPro Hero4 on a Phantom drone

If you already own a Phantom drone and you want to connect your GoPro Hero 4 camera, there is a very effective platform: the Zenmuse H4-3D that offers this feature.

This nacelle is of course controllable mechanically thanks to your usual controllers! The control of the orientation of the nacelle and therefore of the camera is possible on the following controllers:
* A2
This pod will work by default on the latest drone DJI like Phantom 2, 3 and of course 4!

That’s all the interest of such a system because if you bought a quadcopter a while ago and want to upgrade it in terms of the quality of the video you’re recording, remove the video camera Original and install your GoPro Hero’s 4 will allow you to upgrade to a 4K video format at lower cost!

* The DJI Phantom 2 drone is waiting for your GoPro Hero2 / 3/3 + / 4 or any other action camera!

The drone DJI Phantom 2 although it is no longer available on the site of DJI offers a lighter version compared to Phantom 3 or 4 because it does not come with a built-in camera!

This drone is made to support any type of camera and is therefore dedicated to people wishing to fly their cameras in the air!

On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention the goles of the purchase of this drone because it is not delivered with the nacelle making it possible to fix there the camera, it will thus be necessary to equip you with a small system of fixing like the kit Eggsnow carbon fiber and therefore very lightweight that will allow you to set a GoPro Hero (2, 3, 3+ and 4) or any other action camera!

Drones for aerial photography

For lovers of quality aerial photography, you have several solutions.

The first is to use a single tool namely a complete drone equipped with its own HD camera see 4K and a second option where you buy the drone and the camera separately.

The first option is probably the least expensive because as we will see later, flying a real SLR camera requires a very powerful drone!

All-in-one drones

To have a drone all in one that will allow you to do professional photography, nothing simpler: You must make the right choice at the level of the brand you choose.
To take aerial photos from a drone the best is to take a look at the DJI drones which are the market leader in terms of aerial imagery.

With the Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro which are both high-end drones. that will meet your needs to make very high-quality shots during your flights.

These 2 drones are full of embedded electronics and will be able to make sensational photos!

The Phantom 4 Pro is a drone which is not foldable but focuses on photography and video at a high level while the Mavic Pro is a folding drone that has nothing to envy the Phantom 4.

Drones to build: flight platforms

If you are a true purist of photography and taking photographs without your favorite SLR is heresy. You will have to be able to fly your SLR in the air using a flight platform.

The leader of the world’s drones offers flight platforms that are dedicated to those who want to benefit from all the important features. For the realization of their professional aerial photographs and for audiovisual production.
DJI offers several solutions to meet your needs in terms of aerial imagery:

High-end video drones

Drones have been used for cinema for a good number of years but at the time it was mostly necessary to build even its drone so that it could be able to fly heavy cameras to make videos in very high quality.
Today it is no longer necessary because there are all-in-one solutions to have a good compromise between a reliable image quality and simplicity of flight.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to call on professional model makers to make professional video shootings. The latest generation drones like the Inspire 2 can fly at hundreds of kilometers / hours. All while making videos of incredible quality with stability worthy of the cinema.

With this kind of high-end UAV professional shooting and aerial views are seen in movies or documentaries on television.

DJI Inspire 2 for television

This drone designed by the pros and for the pros is the ultimate in drones today. With a top speed of 108 km / h, the acceleration of a Porsche, a video recording capacity of 5K . The DJI Inspire 2 is the World’s Rolls UAVs. This little jewel of technology is intended for audiovisual professionals and is perfectly suited for television images.

The DJI Matrix 600 Pro for the cinema

For those who want to be able to shoot videos from the air and film in RAW format. Using  a professional camera like the RED Dragons is an option. There is a drone able to achieve these kind needs. It is the DJI Matrice 600 Pro.

So, with this flight platform you will be able to connect your favorite movie camera. It will stabilize thanks to the DJI Ronin system.

The different features of drones

There are many different features in drones. A simple drone without a camera to a 4K camera drone, there is a range of drones on the market…

  • Return to the starting point or RTH

The Return to home is a feature that we see more and more in mid-range and high-end UAVs. This returns the drone to its point of origin by pressing a single button on the controller.

This feature is very useful for returning your drone, it flys back on its own. The RTH is also useful during the loss of signal! Automatic triggering when the battery of the drone becomes too weak. The drone will return to the starting point quickly before the drone is forced to land in emergency.
Return to Home (RTH) is even mandatory if you want to fly your drone several miles away!

  • TapFly / Tap to Fly

The TapFly is a particularly interesting feature like the RTH. It is an intelligent feature that allows you not to have to constantly control the piloting of the drone. Indeed the TapFly feature is the fact of simply pointing where you want the drone navigate.

Simply click on your smartphone screen to indicate where you want the drone to position itself so that it executes! A very useful feature so if you want to focus on something other than driving your quadcopter.

You can find this feature on drones like Bebop 2, Mavic Pro or Phantom 4

  • Optical, infra-red and ultrasound detection

Obstacle detection is a crucial point in piloting a drone. When you buy a drone costing several thousand dollars, it is very important to know that it is secure. Iintelligent drones will be able to detect obstacles to avoid crashing.

Optical sensors are effective depending on the design of the algorithms that analyze the images provided by these famous “sensors”.

  • Fly-by-Phone

The Fly by Phone feature is a term used to define a drone with or without a camera. Which can fly and be driven by a simple smartphone or tablet. This kind of drone is dedicated to the public as a solution of simple flight and portability.

On this frenzy of Fly-by-Phone drones, there is Plenty of these drones with a camera. Drones and mini drones with cameras are available, such as Bebop 2, Disco, Airborne. The DJI is also present with the Mavic Pro.

Thanks to this control mode, the communication between the drone and the smartphone is done through the Wi-Fi network. This network will allow a reduced control distance of 30 to 150 meters depending on the terrain.
Stabilized camera

Helpful Guide to Buy a Camera Drone – Conclusion

Now that you are aware of the subtleties of the various UAVs on the market.  You can start making a comparison of the drones available to the public. To start, you need to know what your needs are in terms of quadcopters.

Want a small miniature UAV that can fly a few minutes without being able to film? Your choice should be on the side of the mini drones Parrot or Hubsan brand.

Do you want a camera drones which can fly for more than 10 minutes. There are midrange UAVs such as Bebop 2 or Hubsan x4 Pro.  By choosing this type of drone you benefit from almost 20 minutes of autonomy, a 720p HD camera.

Also, many features such as

  1. the figures of flutter,
  2. the mode “follow-me”,
  3. programming a personalized course, etc. …

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