Fitbit Smartwatch Sync with Apple Health

Fitbit smartwatch

Do you use Apple products and want to sync with your Fitbit smartwatch? Well you know it is possible using third-party software.

Most people who use Apple products use them exclusively, but Fitbit offers features not available in all Apple products

While the third party software does not sync directly is will enable you to transfer data from you Fitbit Smartwatch to your Apple Health app.

This article explaining how to sync your Fitbit with Apple Health was published in Click the link at the bottom of the excerpt below to read the complete article.

Even though Fitbit does not sync directly with Apple Health, it is possible to transfer information using third party software. Essential reading: Top fitness trackers and health gadgets Many people use Apple Health as a central repository for storing and managing health and fitness data. We’re not talking only about fitness trackers and smartwatches. A plethora of devices connect with Apple Health including smart scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and more. Also, if you have an Apple Watch you may want to supplement some of its data with information from a Fitbit wearable. Sleep data is the first that springs to mind as this is currently a missing feature on Apple’s device. Read more here……

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So now you can use your Fitbit with your Apple Health app. If you are looking for a new fitness tracker you can browse the range available in our shop by clicking here Fitness Trackers

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Likes Depot
May 19, 2019

Fitbit Link is a absolutely free software application which allows any Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to sync knowledge to your Fitbit dashboard. If your product isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, you have to have to use a wireless sync dongle in get to established up your Fitbit machine. Even though most Fitbit equipment do not appear with a dongle, you can order just one through the  Fitbit Retail outlet .

May 19, 2019

I have searched Google for Fitbit Link but cannot find any results. Can you send me a link?
We are talking about using Apple Health to manage your workout by using 3rd party software. The software is used to take data from your Fitbit and transfer it to your Apple Health software.

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